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my poems are about living with hope, unconditional love, nature at its best.
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Can you pray for the children, i want to see living their dreams, and their teachers who search for their dreams too now. Pray for them from the bottom of your heart. For their teachers are not ready to leave a school that is more powerful in courage and faith.
We always wonder whats more important our love, or our family, but in the end we end with love unconsciously, but some people give up their feelings, read more to find out whats more important
Some decisions are taken too fast for which you have a lifetime to think about, better to think about it faster, a love story that takes away life, and leaves the girl thinking about her decision, never being able to undo it...
"Every day i feel your sweetness" remembering a love that was real, made you complete, gave you all the happiness but left you, and you think about it. Love is a gift given to few, when you feel it, you live, but what happens when you say goodbye?
The story begins with the magical words, “I love you” and it ends with love. Some say love is happiness and pain, but my story is only peace, the thought that I love him and have him, is a magical charm. This is all about the story. I hope you like it.
She was about to die what kept her alive, secrets of happiness, secrets of love, secrets of life. But what happened in the end is her life was happy till the end. What was the secret of her long life....
Its a story about how addiction to something spoils your life, how it affects you, what happens if you dont give it up, ''i wanted to stop the addiction but the more i have what i want the more calmer i feel'' the girl says this, and how it affects her in the end.
A story about a true love unfulfilled, a girl trying to make him forget, her thoughts about how it would have been if his love was fulfilled and finally what to do if your love doesnt work.
A story about a blind man, how it feels to be without light, words of comfort given by a girl, what that girl showed to him through her pity, how his life is affected by that girl, and in the end how he gets light.
A girl gets attached to a boy she feels like he is her brother and feels like he warms her and makes her feel better in life, but soon its time to say goodbye, she feels lost does she meet him again, what she thinks about this goodbye is the story.
The story is about a dying girl who till the end of her life doesnt confess her love. And how it affects the boy she loves. What happens in the end is the sad or bitter truth of life and the irony in life.
This is a story about where to look for love, believing in your instincts about belief and betrayal. About what love is true love, what love is safe. A girl wonders about her lover, his sweetness, his words that are like honey.
I wrote a story about how to be sucessful, how to avoid conflicts with yourself, how to be sucessful in love. This is a story about a girl who thought too much that she couldnt be what she wanted to be. How she overcomes her conflicts with herself.
This is a story of someone who loves someone so much that she wants to know all his secrets. And how hes so guarded with her and wants to keep things with himself. Whether it is his wish for privacy and about her thoughts whether he really loves her. Why he seems so distant from her. ...
A feeling of obsessiveness on your love, how you feel that time. About how you depend on your love. How you feel that you cannot live without him or her. How you feel you are not able to forget her. How you fight with yourself. And not being able to choose. Seeing her and wondering wh...
A romantic way of expressing your love, about how you feel from deep down within. It is just a small rose but the feelings behind it. How you feel about her and what you desire from her.
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