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I grew up in Long Island, studied English at McGill in Montreal, and soon afterwards moved to Israel where I have lived on kibbutz for over 30 years.
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I was tightening bolts on a water pipe with various flange attachments. Suddenly, the pipe fell. I came to, pinned by a valve, one flange on my forehead, the other behind. On my right was a wall of earth. My legs were dangling, a few inches above the bottom of the pit. I was unhurt. ...
An examination of LeBron's skills and character. LeBron clearly has the skill to play for a championship team. Is his character getting in the way?
My experience with frozen shoulder in 2013. How I finally cured myself after the physical therapist released me.
The story describes my last dental experience in this series.
As a member of the Border Patrol, I was sent to investigate a missing shepherd.
On the streets of Granada I cannot keep my nose out of other people's business.
Thoughts on the second attempt to sentence the murderer.
Thoughts on the Pistorius ruling finding him guilty of culpable homicide rather than murder.
Some thoughts on the Duchess of Cambridge, her dress, and her conduct.
A brief review of the Royals' (sun)bathing habits.
After booking a flight for 9 days in Warsaw, I wondered where we would stay.
Two dentists recommend removal of the upper wisdom tooth.
After the extraction I go to a woman dentist for a complex filling.
When I realized that the oral surgeon used antiquated tools, I did my best to foil him.
My grandfather falsified his papers to fight in World War I while his brother did the same to avoid the draft.
The Internet has opened up opportunities unheard of 15 years ago.
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