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Sarah Girard
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Been away for a while but I finally got around to posting the next set of chapters!!! Have fun...
Have not been on in a while but here it is the next set of chapters... Dont forget to read the previous chapters!
This is the next two chapters of the story I am writing i hope you enjoy it.
these are the next Chapters two and three of Phoenix Rising... If you enjoy reading these I will post the next chapter(s)
This is an unfinished novel that I am wrting this is the first bit of it please tell me what you think!
When trying to start a family nowadays you always hear so many diffrent things.... especially when it comes to how close together you have your kids!
Poof.... Suddenly there is a new zodiac sign? WOW how did that go unnoticed for like 1000 yrs or so? Here is what I think and I would also like to hear any comments from viewers on what you think!
These Potato scones are great warm for breakfast or as a cold snack! Try them out they are simple and yummy.
A list of titles that if you though the Jaz Parks series were intesting you should check out these books for sure!
Well you have to read it to find out the secret... something that everyone should try.
Really easy crepes the only downside is that it MUST be done in a blender but that is what makes it so simple.
The seventh book in the jaz parks sereis and a continuation of the other jaz parks pages
This is the fith book to the jaz parks series and a contiuation of the jaz parks series review pages
This is the sixth book in the series and a continuation of the other pages written about jaz parks,
The third book to the Jaz parks series. This review accompanys the previous pages regarding the Jazparks series.
The second book to the jaz parks series. This review ties into the previous pages about Jaz Parks and the Author who wrote the series.
This little tarte is sooooo simple to make and is very good. Also when you look at what is in it you will see that its not very unhealthy either
The fourth book to the Jaz Parks series and a foolwing to the previous jaz parks pages
The first book to the Jaz Parks series. These reviews are an extension of my Salute to a great author page.
These chocolate delights do, in fact, look to go straight to your thighs but in reality its so easy to make and modify that you can make it as health or guilty pleasure you like!
Kind of a review/salute to a great author who recently died and was not that old either...
There are many reasons why I know that I can not write. Some them are sad... and some of them are funny.
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