Raj Dutta

Raj Dutta
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Ex-Naval Aviation Pilot
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My dad had just been posted to AF Halwara in late 60s and me admitted to KV std V. I was an innocent dumb kid with no friends in the new class. Another kid, more smarter than me , living in my neighbourhood befriended me. We started going to school together that was a Km and half away...
10th Oct 2014 was a Black day for us, for we lost our two and half years old daughter due to a paralytic attack, when a heavy bag fell in front of her nose...Post retirement we have shifted from our service Bunglow in Colaba to a 2BHK in Borivali, 10 days ago...this transition from a ...
ALTAF RAJA My Dad left for his heavenly abode at the midnight hour of the Golden jubilee of our independence day,(1997) when I was posted in the Naval Unit NCC Baroda....My brother rang me up just past midnight from our Jamnagar Home... An hour later I with Meena...
A humble tribute to a very Jovial and humorous Observer/ Navigator, Late Cdr Sujoy ganguly, who left us for his heavenly abode in Oct 2013, due cardiac arrest.
A kid with dreams of flying a Big bird accomplishes his Aim.His father who had been a technician on the Aircraft encouraged his efforts.
Its a survival story from the jaws of Death, that a Naval Pilot encountered after ditching an ill-fated Aircraft
By the time a man realises that his father was right,..He has a son who says, 'Dad you are wrong'
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