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JC Eberhart
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I am a licensed addiction clinician with a background in corrections. I reside with my husband and Staffordshire Terrier in Minnesota, the coldest, yet most lovely state in the USA!
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It seems that now we live in a country where violence (the use of deadly force) has become the "norm". Today my childhood seems not only years away, but worlds away.
In the book, "The Lost Dogs" the author talks about the day that the police busted Michael Vick and how many of the Pit Bulls laid sprawled flat on the floor and wouldn't move; they called them "The Pancake Dogs". How had they ended up in such terrible shape? From being repeatedly b...
Whether or not you choose to believe it, there really DO exist real-life Hannibal Lectors (from 'Silence of the Lambs' fame) in the world!
It has never ceased to amaze me how two people who once were madly enough in love to pledge their lives to one another, can turn on each other and attack no differently than a a couple of rattle snakes would!
I can guarantee you that if ever you are accosted, and you have no form of self-defense along with you, not only will you wish that you had done so, but it could be the last wish you will ever make!
The criminal will always own firearms because they usually do NOT obtain them by legal means. We must be very vigilant about maintaining our objectivity and our common sense or risk becoming similar to, and/or falling victim to, the criminal!
This November Presidential Race leaves the American people with a clear-cut choice and this movie explains the reason why!
Never have I considered myself more privileged, than to have witnessed the social movement in it's countless forms of the 1960s.
The Minnesota change-of-seasons are second to none in their mystery, beauty and grandeur.
"Please don't hurt me," the little girl cried as the older child wielded the knife against her throat.
I'd really believed that I could safely smoke cigarettes forever. Then, one day, reality hit!
Special friendships are sometimes found in the least likeliest of places!
The following is a letter to you from one of the most loving, affectionate canines by whom I have ever had the good fortune to be loved.
Had you been able to peek-in through our window, that cold, snowy, Minnesota, Christmas evening long ago, you would have witnessed an intimate family closeness, that would have warmed your heart through and through.
You may be unknowingly entrusting your beloved furry, family member, into a very dangerous situation, If you take your pet to a pet groomer, you cannot afford to bypass this article!
Never in a million years would this have occurred to me. I've traveled a considerable amount and readily stayed in many hotels, and then, this article was brought to my attention. I won't ever take any stay in a hotel lightly, again!
It's so important to recognize that there is never only one "right" way to achieve one's goal. Many paths lead to the same destination. The solution that works for one individual, may not work at all, for another. Keeping an open mind can open doors to us that will quickly escape o...
An eleven year old girl. A predator. Life as she knew it . . . a life that ended. Her own. Life is supposed to culminate at the end of a lifetime, if anything,in a peaceful death. Jaycee’s ended that day in hell. She encountered two predators, a male and a female. “...
Today was 9/11/12; eleven years after the horrific 9/11 tragedy. Today was also a day so very much like that day back in 2001, that it was eerie. The sun was shining, a clear blue sky above, and then, and then all hell broke loose!
It is imperative before doing anything else, to put yourself in the prospective employer's shoes. Now ask yourself, "What would I look for in a resume, and what would I want to hear in an interview?" Now you're on the right track!
Addiction is insidious and deadly, but need not destroy you and your famiy. There are measures that can be taken in the interest of prevention and intervention; but one must first possess the information that this professional provides.
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