Daughter of Deity

Daughter of Deity
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I love to ink down my feelings in form of verses.
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We all are different.Yet many of us tend to live and do things in the common way.We fear lest if we do things in our own unique way then it may be faulty.But we all have unique colour and taste.
Love is eternal.When we love someone we are ready to die for them.But a thought of separation terrors us.The pain of separation is unbearable.
Death is inevitable.It is most foolish to fear it.
True friends are inseparable part of our life.Many a times they become the cause or reason of our living.We live for them and are ready to die for them.
We see dreams for our future.Some of them becomes our passion.And our heart breaks when the dream does not overcome.
Love can happen with anyone.It knows no bars.Love is mad.
Poetry is immortal and has varying forms.Through this poem it says about itself.
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