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I am a MBA graduate, working as a management consultant. Prior to that i worked as a software professional. I like to write on new developments in IT and on current topics of general interest
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Nude yoga is getting clicks from all over the internet. Is it an attempt to sell nudity through Yoga or it will just end up being a variant of Yoga and add few more followers to the growing group of Yoga followers all over the world.
War logs leaks are getting are ruling headline in every country and through out the web. For common man the question is what is the purpose behind these leaks and will these leaks serve the larger purpose of a better life for Iraqi people in near future.
Outsourcing industry is a result of the need of US companies to reduce their costs and save their resource from engaging in non core business activities. Despite all the clamor against outsourcing, it is here to stay, as it has emerged out of business needs as not through government p...
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