Peter Merton

Peter Merton
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I am a novelist, ceramicist, motorcyclist and traveller. I also write flash fiction, travel snapshots, and meditations for Christians in the new age.
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Aftermath of a stroke - limited vision - lessons in life
Another short snippet from 'The House of Sorrows', first volume in my new series 'The Hands of Riki Jordan'.
A brief scene from 'The House of Sorrows', first volume of my new series 'The Hands of Riki Jordan'. Hiram, Grand Master of the Temple Masons, seeks the discreet help of the Templars, guardians of the Temple Treasure.
A strange character who appears in my new fiction series, 'The Hands of Riki Jordan'
A short tongue-in-cheek essay on imitation or emulation as the basis of learning and effective social existence.
I haven't published in Wikinut for ages. Life takes over. Catching up.
A progress report on my new project, 'The Hands of Riki Jordan' - two months now of intermittent work and the first volume is nearly complete.
I have published two books of fiction in the traditional way, and I need now to ask if self-publishing is a better solution. I also need to find a wider target readership.
Reflections on the Disney film of Alice, Lewis Carroll's stories, and the famous father of Alice Liddell.
A strange week from my diary - mulberry tree in fruit, two burglaries, blood and barbed wire and a set of lost keys
My reflections on reading Stieg Larsson's 'Millennium' trilogy
These are notes from a sermon that I gave today, 20 October 2013, from today's lectionary readings (Jeremiah 31: 31-34 and Luke 18: 1-8). I only do sermons once in a while as a lay preacher but I wish to share what I have read and reflected on.
Second part of journey by motorcycle to Livingstone, Zambia, and back home to Cape Town via Botswana, the Orange River, Great Bushmanland and the Northern Cape.
Part I of a long motorcycle journey from Cape Town, South Africa, through Namibia and the Caprivi Strip to Livingstone in Zambia, an international heritage studies conference, and home via Botswana, Gordonia, and Great Bushmanland.
Reflections on the meaning of shepherd, pastor, pastoral, pan ....
I wrote this poem in honour of my mother and her youth in Cape Town, and the moment in 1947 when King George VI and his family toured South Africa to thank the nation for their part in the war. It's got me shortlisted for the 2013 Sol Plaatjie European Union Poetry Award, and it'll ap...
There is this hackneyed notion that the 'West' emphasises materiality whereas the 'East' focuses on 'spirit'. Yes, it's a cliche, but it keeps on cropping up. I go to the root of the meaning of 'matter' in the long Western philosophical tradition and find a surprising fact.
Synchronicity or folly? I buy a book shop this week, dealing in second-hand books.
A ramble through the various meanings of spirit, Holy Spirit, the intangible, the unnameable, that has so many words to speak of it.
This is a meditative reflection on the binarism of experience and mindset, night and day, and the metaphors and myths that live in, shape or are shaped by, this binarism.
In one week I run a second-hand books stall at the church bazaar and get a chance to buy a second-hand books shop. Is this synchronicity? What to do?
This page is a guide to making your own folded paper sundial in fifteen minutes. I make large stoneware ceramic sundials, but this is something else.
Going to the USA for the first time, and a horrible synchronicity, public history in the making, and a classic motorcycle.
I am astonished by the brevity of time-lines and how much change happens in a single generation. How do we engage with these things in the writing of fiction or other kinds of narrative?
Exploration of imagery about the bow and arrow, stringed instruments, and meditative oneness.
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