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With a number of health ailments, the surprising remedies are in your home cupboards. There is actual scientific proof these five home remedies work.
It's no wonder there are lots of scams directed at Social Security recipients with more than fifty-five million people who receive benefits each year. These are three of the most recent scams you need to be aware of.
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Print this list of 30 creative conversation or story starters to take with you to your Thanksgiving family gathering.
There is so much to remember and do when planning a wedding. One of the things that shouldn't be overlooked is sending thank you notes for the gifts you and your new spouse receive. Just as with most things involving a wedding, there is a proper etiquette to follow when sending than...
Random Acts of Kindness week takes place this year from February 13th through the 19th. Here is a list of good ideas for acts of kindness that can be practiced at anytime during the year.
There's no shortage of fun family things to do in Arizona over the holiday season, especially during Christmas. Visitors come from all four corners of the state to watch light parades and take home tours of the valleys best decorated Christmas tree's just to name a few of the many Ar...
If your interested in seeing some beautiful scenery in the northern part of Arizona Verde Valley is the place to head to. The area is a draw for those who enjoy fishing, camping and hiking. Beaver Creek and Verde Valley's historic Civil War era park are just a few of the many intere...
If you or someone you know is fighting cancer, this article about Dr. Leonard Coldwell's expertise with curing the disease in just two to sixteen weeks is a must read.
Many people today are having a difficult time with being able to keep up with the ever increasing cost of food. This puts an added strain on many families as they must make the decision of whether they should buy food or pay the electric bill. Angel Food Ministries has been the ans...
The 2011 Christmas cards created by the young patients at Phoenix Children's Hospital/ Cancer & Blood Disorder Center are hot off the press and ready for purchase.
With many things in life there advantages and disadvantages. The same is true with belonging to a college sorority or fraternity. If your struggling with whether or not you should join one of these college associations, you have landed at the right place for the best information to a...
Maybe it's time for something completely different if you have tried the same weight loss tricks month after month without losing many pounds. Some of the most popular strategies people follow to loose weight are actually sabotaging their efforts. Here's the real truth about five o...
Follow these ten easy rules and you just might be able to keep that vow you tell yourself each year, "Thou shalt not gain a million pounds during the holidays". There is temptation all around us this time of the year with family celebrations, office parties and yearly neighborhoo...
Seaside remains one of the coast's most popular destinations and was Oregon's first seashore resorts. There are many things for families to see and do in Seaside throughout the year.
Your secret savings helper might be the receipt. Be sure to hold onto to your receipt since it could be the key to future savings.
Shoppers are banding together for big savings with "group buying" being the latest trend in discount shopping. Sign up on a free site like or and you will receive e-mailed opportunities for savings.
By using the following five easy tips, it is possible to decrease your chance of ovarian cancer.
Junk mail is back with almost 1.1 billion credit card offers being sent out in the second quarter of this year. This is up from 419 million in 2009. Eight out of ten offers were for reward cards with a countless number of them not being as good as they appeared.
According to the National Taxpayers Union, as much as sixty percent of property in the U.S. could be overtaxed. This might be the reason for one in three appeals to residential assessments results in a reduction.
For some of us it is a bit more difficult to connect with people and to win them over than it is for others. Through these tips and suggestions you should find it easier dealing and interacting with people both on a personal and business level.
Looking for something different to do this Halloween? Why not take a haunted Halloween tour at one of these locations nearest you?
Take a look at the following safety tips for ensuring your little ones have a memorable and safe evening participating in all the Halloween activities as well as to make your home safe and welcoming to the little ghosts and goblins in your neighborhood.
Whether you are looking for a romantic get-a-way, backwoods adventure or rest and relaxation being pampered, you are sure to find it at these top five resorts and day spas that are some of Arizona's finest.
If you have been watching the economy evaporate in front of your eyes and are feeling a bit stressed wondering if this slow-down is going to continue, these "Top 10 Survival Tactics" might keep you from having a full-blown nervous breakdown.
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