Sandra Griffie

Sandra Griffie
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I'm the author of "How Elmer Lost His Hop" and "The Snow Dancer". I enjoy writing children's stories.

I grew up in WV with a family of story tellers
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Spring is that time of year that a lot of us love, but we also dread it because of so much work to do, cleaning inside your home.
Bullying has been going on for a very long time, but through the years how a person is bullied has changed.
Having been to truck driving school myself, I have put together a list of 10 questions you can ask your recruiter before you sign up for a CDL class.
Don't make the mistake that a lot of writers like me have done, and sign up with a publisher because they tell you what you want to hear, or, they can get your book published fast. Do some research about the company first.
Working one on one with someone can be a lot of fun if you start out with them in the right way. Here are 5 tips I have learned through the years that have helped me with my clients.
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