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I am 21 years old and living in the Czech Republic. My hobbies are computers, cycling, and writing reviews
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As in the first episode, there is literally playing surface covered in special tillage, which you collect to improve your skills. In addition to these classic games found in the tillage, which will be before you “run”, so you must first catch a special tillage, which is pick up on...
I live with my parents and brother in a six-room house.
Blur from developers Bizarre Creations (who already have been responsible for Project Gotham Racing series) offers a realistic visuals and good fights evenly balanced car, which combines the multiplayer system, which is a special way similar to the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. And th...
Over time, started the first two steps to suppress, to some of the titles were omitted altogether. For example, the Dawn of War 2 recruits for their special units, created for this purpose places on the map.
Prague says that the city lies at the heart of Europe. Others call it “hundred-towered Prague”.
Weather in Czech Republic and Weather in UK.......
One of the most important factors in how people see themselves is to wear clothes. This is especially important for teenagers.
Republic of Game developers say they came with a lot of refreshing ideas, their work does not already so good. Let’s start with the system of combat.
Oversized main hero Jack Slate, a sense compensates for brute force – just as it happens when you decide to play Dead to rights: Retribution. And can not go wrong. Retribution is first and foremost a fun game
The current title is a kind of chimera between the Prince of Persia: Sands of Time and Prince of Persia: Warrior Within. And should be noted that the result is not bad at all. Is back after a short break to be the ability to return the time at which we are personally very happy. It is...
You always longed for it to the heroes of the game Gears of War knew how to jump? In that case you will certainly appreciate the local concept of vertical coverage. The ability to shoot into the sky and then run down on the enemy will often help you get out of quagmire.
First Aliens vs. Predator was released on PC in 1999 and from the very beginning of the game looked through her fingers because of the advantage of the film license. But not to just those licenses, you could not play the bloodthirsty aliens, noble predator or slightly desperate Marine...
Console gamers have had the honor of Bad Company back in 2008, where the first part of this series will be introduced to the four U.S. soldiers: Haggard, George Junior, Terrance Sweetwater, and Redford team chief protagonist Preston Marlowe.
Issued today, the multiplayer shooter market is practically throwing away money for development.
Not in vain, for developers Telltale Games is that they are masters of episodic adventure issued. Maturation of the scenarios along with years of experience moving into the stratosphere, and long ago are not only close follow-up stories with the same characters, or vice versa.
Immediately after you start the game, APB surrounds a lot of pleasant feelings. Menu is very nice, and forcing you to daydream of spectacular gun battles, graceful skipping over the gleaming hood and close-knit bunch of stings, which will always retain.
It is little wonder that just the Ukrainian studio Unicorn videogame glorify historical events that now claim a mostly Russians, however, the disks in the past days we sat tactical real-time strategy Real Warfare: 1242, and that means one thing.
Nokia plans this fall to begin selling its new flagship title with N8. News should appear on store shelves in late September and October. On its website it has published the Italian representative of the company.
A saboteur is a very interesting title, and not just because the studio Pandemic, which it developed, was closed just days before its release. Timing of recorded thought that saboteur was less sophisticated, but fortunately it is not true.
The creators of adventure games from Germany are among the most prolific. The last time you just remember to continue the traditional Czech Adventure Messenger of Death (Black Mirror), created by the German team Cranberry Production, or other troubles magician Simon of Berlin workshop...
2010 seems to be the end of a long time waiting game. Just imagine, after twelve years of Starcraft 2 comes after eight mob and continued for more than seven … oh, you know that? Yet a third of the Disciples turn-based fantasy strategy with the nickname of “Renaissance.
At the beginning of a little repetition. Dawn of War II is the perfect strategy full of dynamism, action and superbly balanced heroes. You spend with her all the time, nor will it come.
Frankly, I must tell you frankly. I do not like German humor. Really. German comedy hurts. When it does not hurt at all, only blunted by inertia. Paradoxically, the best black comedy, history, Knockin ‘on Heaven’s Gate, shot by the Germans.
Lovers of horror titles cold type or Resident Evil, Alone in the Dark, please let him take notice. At the scene gets a long awaited Alan Wake from Remedy studio!
Majesty 2 was immensely likeable feat. Management hire his own kingdom and heroes … who act as self-serving, mercenary bitches which are also, so you pay according to the level chosen will think twice if you arrive somewhere.
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