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A girl next door who wants to make it big...
My keen interest lies in writing about things which appeal to me
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when you need to choose between what your heart desires and what your mind feels is right...which one should arise as the winner...??? This question arises in everyone's life,so,its better to find its answer before its too late..
Clinical trials,which are not just illegal but against humanity,claiming numerous human lives.Wake up from slumber and raise your voice.Popping a pill...please check is it really safe..??
Is it wise to have a single-target focussed career strategy in such a competitive world???What if you fail to achieve your only childhood dream...???Don't worry...I have a piece of advice for you...!!
Things to remember in a relationship to make it last longer.Love is not enough to keep two individuals together for a long time,there are other essential ingredients for a successful relationship.This article talks about all those elements.A must read for anybody who is in a relations...
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