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I am a student of the Bible and usually write with a focus on the Bible and how it relates to contemporary western culture. But I like to tackle a variety of subjects so I address various other topics
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Recent pages by RossS

The question concerning God's will for many Christians is a very confusing and worrying thing. But the uncertainty that often comes with it is not necessary when we look at what Scripture says on the issue.
What is the point of reading things that I disagree with? Why should I subject myself to alternate philosophies and ideas? Is there a benefit?
Traffic on 70 west is stopped by police between Zumbehl and Harry St. Truman. More than a dozen police cars line the highway and service road with lights flashing. Tazers and guns are out.
Here is a thought for the day. Feelings, do they matter?
What does the Bible really say about homosexuality?
A conservative analysis of Rob Bell's book, "Love Wins" and what it says to modern evangelicals.
Cultural context helps to clear up some of the questions surrounding the Biblical occurrence of "speaking in tongues."
What implications do a gay rights activist bring to a Christian?
As an American, the chance to experience Flag Day in Haiti was an exciting experience.
Miracles are just as real now as they are in the Bible. This is an account of just a selection of miracles in just one semester of school.
A review of "Hunger Games" from a Christian's perspective.
The village of Plain City, Ohio is not as boring as it may look. Here is a list of things to do in the small town of Plain City, Ohio.
I have been encouraged for a while to try a workout supplement with my runs, and today I finally decided to see if it actually works that well.
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