Ricky Ferdon

Ricky Ferdon
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One day, at the age of 11, riding in the family car, young Ricky was slammed between the eyes with the sudden realization of his own mortality. http://happiness-is-the-natural-state.blogspot.com
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WHO says that you're not good enough? WHO says that you're not complete because of this or that? FREE yourself from ALL outside influences. You already have that which you seek. You already ARE that.
"What happened to my sweet baby?" many a parent may have lamented over time immemorial. Here is a little look into the world of the teenager.
Evolution of ourselves is an ongoing process that, while sometimes unconscious of it, continues unabated.
Take a look under the hood of author Ricky Ferdon as he reveals the most profound life-changing experience so far in his 57 trips around the sun.
In the final analysis of things, what does the Universe care about our seeming bodily existence and what we do with it?
If we are unhappy because life and the people in it does/do not work and operate the way WE won't it to, then we will always be unhappy.
To believe something is to accept something from outside one's self as one's own Truth. It's NOT yours; you were NOT born with it.
Is life as it seems? Is Life as we perceive it to be, or is it something totally different?
When we give to others, in whatever form, do we give freely with no strings attached? Do we seek reward of some type? Can we just "give" and walk away, figuratively and actually?
We may live, daily, under the muse of being in control of our "lives", when, in fact, we have not control. Disagree? Just try to change one person in your life: friend, family member, love interest, whoever. See how successful you can be.
Reality? Is it the same for everyone, or is it different for each of us? In a room of 10 people, are there 10 realities?
Sit on the floor, don't sit on the floor. Meditate for an hour, mediate for 15 minutes, don't meditate. There is no "doing", there simply is "being".
Politics is an attempt at a surface solution to surface problems, and therefore, never hitting upon the source-cause, will never accomplish anything.
As we move along life's highway, we evolve from that which we were when we born; from that which we were last month.
We can become so saturated with information from a multitude of sources that we go through life as if drunk - not in touch with our full faculties - by allowing the bombardment of electronic data.
In the act of casting off excess of material things in our lives, is a freeing of our "selves" from the accumulation of excess spiritually.
We are each born pure and perfect. Perfection cannot be undone. However, our connection to it can become covered up as we travel the linear timeline of apparent existence.
What is the Christmas holiday season about, really? And should it not extend into the New Year for all 12 months?
Happiness is our innate state of being. If you do not rank yourself as a happy person, it may well have to do with perspective. Change your perspective, change your life.
Happiness is our innate state of being. If you do not rank yourself as a happy person, it may well have to do with perspective. Change your perspective, change your life.
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