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The American Democrat Bobby Baker, 85 years old, uncovered, in an interview, surprising details of the relationship of John F. Kennedy with Ellen Rometsch, his last lover, now aged 77 years old.
The couple went to celebrate the New Year in Mexico and used it to strengthen the relationship.
The famous Hollywood actor, Leonardo DiCaprio, does not believe in ghosts but says that his home "makes strange noises" at night.
The American rapper Kanye West asked the bride, Kim Kardashian, to adopt his surname and to forget the family name by which she is known.
An article published in the "American Psychologist", the journal of the American Association of Psychologists, revealed four benefits of videogames, based on the results of several investigations.
The singer attacked the property of a neighbor with whom he had already discussed in the past. Justin Bieber threw eggs at the house on last week.
A Renoir's painting was bought for about five euros in a street market, and it was returned by the U.S. authorities to the Baltimore Museum of Art, where it had been stolen 62 years ago.
James Jenson, a baby with less than one month of age, that is nephew of David Becham, is seriously ill in the hospital due to respiratory problems.
The marriage between Barcelona and Lionel Messi may be near the end and the Argentine player may be out of the Catalan club at the end of the present season. The news was released by the U.S. newspaper One World Sports.
The planet Earth has a twin brother. The revelation was made by scientists in Washington, during the annual meeting of the American Astronomical Society, tells SKY News. Its name is 'KOI - 314c' but unlike Earth, it is 60% larger and has a temperature of 104° Celsius.
Scientists created an electric lollipop aiming to trick the brain. To do this, it simulates the four main groups of taste (sweet, salty, sour and bitter).
China's Chang'e - 3 spacecraft sent its first panoramic image of the Moon The photograph was taken on December 15 and it is possible to see the Yutu robot that traveled inside, walking on the lunar soil.
Researchers connected to U.S. space agency NASA say that the global ban on the use of chemicals that deplete the ozone layer of the Earth still had no measurable effect.
Over a thousand dolphins have died in 2013 infected by a virus present in the waters of the east coast of the United States, from New York to Florida, revealed a maritime biologist.
The composer Jim Wilson put a tape recorder in the yard and recorded the song of crickets for hours. Then put that sound on slow speed. The result is melodious.
The use of immunotherapy to fight cancer was the most significant scientific advance in 2013, reveals the annual "ranking" of the journal "Science" about the ten "most important findings of the year.
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