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I'm currently a college student studying to be a special ed teacher. Writing for me is a great way to let others learn from my experiences.
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Originally written in December of 2008. Because Christmas is coming up, I felt the need to write a post on the subject of Santa Claus. I feel that it is wrong for a parent to tell children that Santa Claus comes to the house and gives you all the parents. There are a few reasons why...
Written in November of 2008. This article tells the truth about R-truth. Where did he come from? Why was he big as soon as he came to WWE?
As a writer you want to get your posts out to every audience you can. Cash-post is a way to do this and earn a bit of extra cash.
Which is better? Money or friends? I had to answer this question when a recruiter for a job asked me.
Some teens and children with autism go through a time of suicidal thoughts, urges, and sometimes actions.
This is the remedy I have used for my sinus infections, which I get about four times a year. I started trying different things a couple of years ago and this one has really worked. There is no point in me paying a doctor to prescribe a drug to me that will do the same thing my own rem...
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