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Well I'm a sweet person I love to make things and I'm good at it to. If u want something I'll try to make it for you like a chair or a sign but it's going to be out of wood and I like to knitt and stu
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this is about a girls life and how it sucks and how her dad treat her all the time and no one wants to help her at all and it sucks till one day something happened.
this is about a teddy bear an how the teddy travels through the family and how much they love the teddy bear.
This is about this little girl and her dog baby angel and how there bond is through all the miles apart for a little while.
this is an adventure of two wonderful pets. and its a cat and a dog trying to get somewhere.
this is about cartoons and how they charged. how much it needs to to go back for the children.
this is about a house that is haunted with a hundred people it. no one can get rid of them because how many there are,
this is why i dislike birthdays and how they make me feel.
this is about a guy name Joe and how his life was and it made him feel and act and how he can be around women.
If you can answer these questions can you tell me I'm just wondering?
This is why I'm scared of hospitals and stuff like that and how I'm afraid of needles and doctors.
The haunting of the Lansdowne is kinda hard to explain and to see at times and don't let anyone know because no one will believe you.
This is about adopting animals and how happy the animals are when you adopt them and show show them love.
This story is about this family just moved in this house and a few days later they started to hear things in every room.
This. Is about the breed of puggle. Puggle is a great breed and great with children.
It's about this old pumpkin that never got old or rotten It's a nice old pumpkin.
This is about a little that hears thing in her room and in her head.
its about this girl gets her nickname of katiebug and it funny at times and its worth reading i think. ihope you like
It's about chocolate candy and how good they are. If you like or love chocolate good.
This is all about animals and pets and where and how they act and feel.
This is how I feel all the time and I don't know what to do I wish I had help.
This Is about a little red Fox that she was going to see some one.
This is a story about home away from home where I feel better about my self.
Haunted houses is the best by what I heard but I'm not sure so it's kinda hard if you never see one.
This is all about snow and how you can use it. The snow is very cold.
This is a poem about dream catchers and dreams will change you never know Till you try.a
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