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I'm a Work at Home Mom who used to be an HR Trainer, but now works as a Freelance Writer.
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Can a person be told what is good for him and what is not by merely looking at his genes? Apparently he can. The Human Genome project has made it a reality.
When you understand what your body’s real requirements are you will also understand just how much we stuff it with things we do not need. To know what you need and to provide your body with just that much, that is the key to good health.
We all want to eat healthy, but still don’t do so. The ease of being able to procure junk food at will has reduced the urge to cook healthy meals at home. Unfortunately the fast food that we consume is only causing more health problems in the long run for us to deal with. SO why no...
All of us can do a few exercises that allow us to burn up any extra calories we consume. This here is a list of five such activities that you can pick from. See what suits you best and get exercising.
Making small changes in how you eat your food can allow you to lose up to 200 calories every day . And this comes from without lifting a finger to exercise. Check out what you can do to become a slimmer you.
If you are a couch potato who is averse to exercise but still wants to lose weight, you need to read this article. Just a few tweaks and you can actually lose weight.
Losing weight is easy if you add small actions to your day which help you burn fat. The fat loss comes on its own if you are consistent. Some things that have helped me in a big way to loose weight are in fact very small deeds. Insignificant seeming actions that most of us would not e...
Calculating the calorie content of your diet is difficult without knowing what the calorie count of your food is. For Indians here is a chart to use when you get on that special weight loss diet.
Body Mass Index (BMI) and Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) are the best indicators of success for a person who is struggling to lose weight. This offers proof of your success in easily measurable terms.
Learn why counting calories is important to losing weight.
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