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I like to write stories about non-and fiction stories. I would write about my past or imaginations.
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I wanted to play soccer one day but everything seemed so hard to learn for me. I couldn't be patient but is fun and cool to play.
When I was young I remembered when my aunt used to live behind me. When they had moved it was sad for us, quiet around the house in the backyard, and it felt so alone here.
One day when I knew my family wanted to start a business, I didn't want to. Why is it that the laziness in me could occurred? Maybe its all because its all my fault.
Why do so many want to get adopted and expect the family they live in to sign papers or else they get mad. They shouldn't always have to do this
Why are there paparazzi that are just there spying on people without them knowing. Feels like they are prisoners of their lives
Why are their friends who always follow the wrong friends. I think it would be due to the fact they try to act cool in front of everyone
I wish that someday I can become a great author and be famous by a lot of fans. Fans that like my books and maybe I can go to directing as well since it almost the same thing.
I go to my aunts house every now and then. She has lots of things to do to take away my boredom. It's no wonder I would like to go visit her again
Why do kids out there go through hardship lives? I think it would be because there no one to talk to them about the true meaning of life
There teens out there who go out to start trouble. They go into problems that can become worse in the future and their parents don't care
Iwon was a great place to play. It used to be a site that you collect points and redeem for tickets to have a chance to win cash.
A lot of people bet everything they can to get money. Some lose everything they have and others won more than what they expect. Especially in sports and is not always about the money is about other things too.
There are irresponsible drivers out there. A nanny was driving a bus and was irresponsible for being a bad driver
I had family that I used to enjoy hanging with. These family became our own enemies from stupid rumors that were spread and now we don't hangout at all.
Has there ever been a place where you just wanted to relax and get away from paradise? I know people who just want to leave to have fun an forget about work
There are kids out there without food and water. Sometimes their parents have no money for food or some parents just leave their kids.
Friends who are really great to hangout with and those who just use you.
These years that passes by I still remember those times when you were around. You were a great grandma to us. We miss you and everything reminds me of you
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