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sakshi narang
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An entrepreneur, very concerned about social issues, short tempered, liberal, want to change a lot of things in the world, believe in humanity.
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In India it is possible for a muslim man to divorce his wife by repeating this word "talaq" for three times. Women of the country are trying hard to get free of this. I hope it will work this time.
Their love story was no less than the story of a masala movie. Chander Mohan the ex-Deputy CM of Haryana, was married and had 3 children. But he fell in love again with AG Anuradha Bali. They opted muslim religion to get married. They changed their names. Chander Mohan became Chand Mo...
Rakhi is a wonderful Indian festival. It symbolizes the love of brother and sister. Girls tie the thread knots on their brother's wrist and pass their eternal love. In return, brothers promise to take care of their sisters and give them gifts. It is often known as 'RakshaBandhan'. It ...
Waiting for result is not less than going through a trauma sometimes. and specially when you are married and quite busy with your business tasks.
This Indian athlete is accused of being a male by her live-in-partner. The estranged woman also alleged that she was raped by Pinki Parmanik. It should be noted that Pinki is a gold medalist of Doha Asiad games and SAF games in Colombo. She has been working in Indian railways for thre...
I have been working on wikinut from several months. This is a great experience to connect with and being read by other writers. Writing is my dream hobby and wikinut helps me to fulfill my dream.
This is a novel based on a true story. It as written by Jean Sasson. Its page count is 304. This is a biography of a Saudi women who is unable to express herself to world and that is why she takes help of a writer friend to demonstrate her story. the popularity of novel can be estimat...
A lot of women suffer from domestic violence just because they are taught to suffer quietly. What they worry about is their false position in their society.
This is a story of a well known mystery of "Priory of Sion".
Skin is a very essential part of our body. We can call it, " index of our personality". Here are some general tips which can make our skin healthy and glowing.
A daughter is trying to open up his heart to his father. She is telling him that how much she loves him and how his habits has ruined their lives
A girl talking about her late beloved. the beauty lies in how she feels him still near her.
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