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Born in Ireland, but living in London since 1986, my main interests are reading, studying history, politics, and theology, and looking after the welfare of my cat. I like to write on a variety of subjects, make general observations on lifes dilemmas. I particularly enjoy writing slightly "out of the box" satire, and I like to look at things from original perspectives.
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Occasionally a film, or a book, comes out that really makes you think. Raymond Deane's "Travail. Dawn of a New Day" is such a film. Not to be missed.
A policeman's lot is not a happy one, especially when they have to deal with loathsome, brain eating zombies.
It has been my great priviledge to share my life with a really delightful cat. This is her story.
Whatever you do in life, dont annoy a zombie. You will regret it, but you probably wont live.
Living with a zombie has it's good points, although the smell can be a problem.
Living with a zombie is never straightforward, or boring.
Violence in the home is a besetting sin of our age. There is nothing so horrible as living with an abusive partner.
Zombies have a very bad reputation, mainly for eating people, and smelling really bad. Is it possible to live with one. Read on, only if you have strong nerves.
One of the most controversial figures in history has been Jesus Christ. Some say He never existed, despite the evidence. Others claim that He condemmed things that He actually affirmed How very odd?
The controversy between creationists and evolutionists, especially regarding interpretation of The Book of Genesis, has raged for a long time. There really is no reason for all that "hot air".
When we feed the birds, they dont always thank us. It is sad, but that is the way of nature. Usually.
Wouldnt it be fun if the plots of some of the well known Christmas stories were updated for a twenty first audience.
Great Tits need to be cherished in winter, and you can still play with silky pussies during the holidays.
Many people praise the memory of Napoleon Bonaparte. But the truth is that he was a warmongering maniac, who wasnt averse to cold blooded murder when the notion took him.
Into every life a little rain must fall. My personal Achilles heel is washing up. I blame my sisters.
The age of persecution did not end with the demise of Hitler. Hatred of minorities is spreading like a cancer in Africa, and it is being promoted by sections of proclaimed christians from The United States of America.
When Jesus was only about a week old He was visited by Three Kings. Then they all had to make a hasty exit because of King Herod.
A new and startling interpretation of end times prophecy, and the chilling plot to set up One World Government under the aegis of The United Nations.
Some of the people, who are regarded as heroes in history , were in reality very much the opposite.
At Christmas we celebrate the birth of Jesus, but we must not forget that there was a real human story that underlaid the Divine Plan.
Climate change is a growing threat to our environment. But the politicians seem to be powerless to deal with the real cause.
The fear of terrorism stalks our world today. However terrorists operated many centuries ago as well.
Communism has been a very influential movement in our age, but it's real origins are not known by many. Discover the true origin of the communist movement here, and be prepared to be surprised.
There are three men in my hole. This is causing great problems for me and my pussy.
The debate over whether Prince Charles should ascend the throne, or for it to be passed directly to Prince William reminds me of a similar situation from the past.
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