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I am Simple Writer About Technology ,Movies And Most About Better Computing
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HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface. Mostly HDMI port is shown in HD TV or Laptops or any types of HD displays for more information read full article.
Google dive is online storage service, which is provided by Google Corporation. For this you just need to have G-mail account.
Here I will tell you the way to type without keyboard in windows operating system. The software name is on-screen Keyboard, for full information please read full article.
We all know that and we all go through that time when your computer gets too slow and you irritating that things as like me but now I do some quick things and my computer never gets slower for more read Article.
Some time we need screenshot and some perfect window shot for that we can use snipping tool and it is free and inbuilt in windows operating system.
This tutorial is for preventing from virus without antivirus. In this you need to use Task Manager and you have to check constantly, which types of process are running.
Here I will teach you how to ruin WhatsApp in your PC and it is very easy. just read the article and you can run all android application on your PC.
Here I will tell you the trick, which will save your whole page as PDF file but for this you need Mozila Firefox.
This is the tutorial for creating blog and how to design it and some extra tips for success bloging. Here I take a side of
This tutorial is for set zooming buttons in surfing screen so you can do zoom out and zoom in with using you portable mouse.
In this tutorial you will learn to see hidden file not only normal hidden files or folders but I will teach you how to see super hidden files and folders.
This tutorial is for partitioning your Hard Drive. This will help you, if you want to partition in harddisk after windows install
This is the technique to hide file, that never shown when you select “show hide files”. This can be done with command prompt and all steps are described in this Article.
This is a trick to format your pendrive through CMD, but it is hard format it removes all including virus, but if you do this on your pendrive often then your pendrive will be corrupted.
MAC address is physical address of your computer. This is only one per connection type like LAN cable connection, WiFi connection, Bluetooth connection …etc
Zip and RAR is one type of encryption that will decrease the size of zipped content.
This article is on creating free account on PayPal and some information of PayPal. So you can do transactions online with PayPal.
This is the tutorial for creating Bootable Pendrive, and how can you use that on your computer.
Here we discuss on HDMI port connection PC to LED Display or other type of HDMI supported connection. This tutorial for fun and guide really it is very easy.
This article is for making bootable Pendrive and boot form Pendrive which has been created as bootable.
This is the place where you can see the mistakes of movies. Here I posting about the matrix. Mistake of the Movie Matrix. for more information you can like my FB page or check my wikinut profile regularly.
Here I will teach you how to use add-ons in FireFox, just need to follow the given steps, which are described below.
Spice announced that by the end of this month, two new Smartphone of Mettle series Mettle 4X and Mettle 3.5X will be launch.
according to me that is the different feature, because it is not any type of facility future but it is only for show.
Now android user of 4.3 will miss the privacy feature of android OS, so any app can access your private data.
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