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I'm a man from Romania who enjoys English language and literature,philosophy,rock,soccer. http://sebaonciu.wordpress.com/
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A poem inspired by some beautiful moments passed on a lake somewhere in Europe.
River Plate,one of the giants of Argentinian soccer,may be relegated for the first time in its history!
A few thoughts on our lives in a more and more demanding society.
The "Magura" mountain,near the town of Targu Ocna,is just one of the many wonderful places worth visiting in Romania.
A few months after joining Mylot,I’m trying to take a look back and see if it’s worth spending time on it.
A short poem that describes my state of mind after going through hard times and finally reaching the light.
An introduction to "Derby of Romania",the traditional clash of the titans in the Romanian League,which also took place in the Romanian Cup final this year.
A poem about all those who have power in their hands and use it to oppress the innocent.
The inhabitants of a Romanian village have sleepless nights because of a big snake which hasn’t been found yet.
Metallica,the greatest rock band on Earth,celebrates its third decade of existence and hopefully it will rock for another 30 years.
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