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I write for fun. I've been writing for 12 years. I write short stories and poetry. When you read my writing you are reading a piece of my soul.
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This started out as a potential poem but ended in a story. I had no clue the direction I was going in when I started, but I'm rather pleased about where my journey on this page took me. All of this is however fictional. I felt I should clear that up so that you aren't reading it think...
Summary..... I tried to describe myself. Perhaps I am all of these things at times. Well not the locked in a mad house part haha!
Have you ever been upset and just needed to get away? Where? Anywhere to just get your thoughts clear. Let me ask you another question, have you ever been driving in one of those moments and a song comes on that seems to say exactly what you are going through? This is about one of th...
We all have a machine that we fight against. Whether its an internal struggle or an outward cry its there. Perhaps your machine is the system, or a parent, maybe even life itself. Whatever it is we all have one.
There are people that live in the street and everyday they cry out for help.Do you ignore them? Or do you try to help?
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