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The Republican Party needs to adopt the American Idol format for its debates. Let the general public select the Republican's choice for their nominated person to run against the Democratic Party's choice.
There are so many candidates running for the Republican's choice to run for president that it is difficult to predict who will win the nomination. So, does Trump have a chance?
Politics is a necessary aspect of the American experience. As much as we dislike politics, we realize that it will always be with us. It brings out the best and the worst in us.
Baseball used to be called America's game ever since I can remember but lately it appears that Football has now become America's game. So which is it?
Sometimes second tier news commentators are complementary to the "star" tv commentator. Usually two partners in presenting the the news does not work. My favorite one was an exception.
The experience of people claiming to have seen ufos in the sky has been going on for some time. You can believe in ufos or not. Now we have Maya indians claiming to have interacted with extraterrestrials themselves!
Political commentators could serve a very useful function by educating the voters of America about how government affects our daily lives.
Teaching kids to playing fair, is essential to having kids learn the correct manner of playing for fun, and hopefully playing fair carries over to their everyday interactions with people, whether it's in the workplace and social settings.
It seems that lately sports stars are getting into trouble more often than ever which has placed a black mark on the sports industry.
Planet Earth is Unique and absolutely amazing when compared with the rest of the planets in our solar system. We have an archeological history along with a human history that can be studied and determined how we came to be. We have a variety of terrestrial races that interact wit...
This is a book review of a book written by Jim Marrs, author of many books which some could label controversial, such as the Kennedy assassination , and 9/11. His books are easy reading and entertaining.
Secrets of a Good Boxer are important to being successful. All boxing greats have techniques that the opponents are not able to solve or overcome. Good boxers are those that produce results recognized by everyone.
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