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Hi this is Vakis Demetriou
I am enthusiast about everything I do. Not a writer by profession , trying to be one.
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Recent pages by Vakis

It is with optimism and a lot of ambition that business owners set forth in the establishing themselves, with a lot of focus on objectives and scope for growth of the business as such.
In the earlier stage, websites were considered useful only for manufacturing industries and service industries with vast area of business interest. The major function of a website was to communicate with the customer who stays away from the locality of the business. Later the concept ...
Cyprus is undergoing a tremendous economical development and many economists are of the opinion that it will trespass many large nations in the European Union in the near future in terms of GDP and overall growth.
Many arguments are going on in the circles about the ill effects of parabens and the need to avoid them in cosmetics, especially in those which are meant for children. However, the most unfortunate thing is that majority of the public are unaware about what parabens are and how they a...
When the question of web hosting arises, most of the website owners will have a lot of confusions. All web hosting companies are offering different modes of web hosting and each mode has its own advantages and disadvantages. Earlier there were three different types of web hosting such...
It is a widely accepted truth that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder; in today’s time and age it has become necessary for all of us to present ourselves as perfectly groomed as possible.
Websites have evolved a lot in due course of time and now it helps people to earn money in different ways.
Europe, like all other parts of the world is fast recovering from the damages caused by recession. Almost all sectors are witnessing a resurrection. However, most of the people have learned a lesson it seems as they are looking for more security for their investment.
London had always fascinated people from all over the world always and it still continues to do so even today. Nobody will ever get bored in London. That could be the reason that made Samuel Johnson to say once that if any body feels enough with London; he in real feels enough with hi...
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