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Jenny Heart
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I have a passion when it comes to writing. I especially enjoy writing about childcare, health, family, business, poems and many other things that come to me each day.
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Everyday people can learn many things about life by watching their pets. How watching them can lead to learning about contentment.
It is essential for couples to connect on a personal level. Couples should try to remember their partners need reassurance throughout their daily lives.
How to plan ahead for all the changes in our lives by keeping the home in well running order. How to plan ahead by starting with the home environment of cleanliness..
How love can grow for each one of us, and be turned into a beautiful watered garden. Love just needs special care in order to develop into a creation of beauty.
Showing children the meaning behind true communication with them will hopefully one day prove most rewarding for their children and themselves.
Hearts and Roses were all about my Valentine's day with my love. Poems about how I spent Valentine's day.
Is it time in your life to finally decide to make good decisions on your eating habits. Are you ready to think twice about what type of foods you want to put into your body? Reading further will help you decide on these questions.
No matter how we move forward moving is a change that takes time to adjust to it. There are many ways to move forward.
Poetry about life, tears and how to work together for a better life.How to look at challenges with the chin held high.
How a simple haiku poem says it all about Life, death, and all tragedies of this world.
How to help writers gain more views and better status. How I have gained 235 views, and 0.8 status in one day.
The article is all about babies, and how to best help them grown into well adjusted happy children.
In Stacy's heart Tinker will always be beside her now and forever, because love stands for forever. How her love for Tinker goes from the starting line until the finish line.
Pets are family to their owners, and their tears are real and full of emotional attachment. Weeping is necessary to feel the bond between someone of the dearly departed.
Do I go the fair way or the family way when it comes to selling a home? Do i sell it to the one that offers the most money, or take a cut for family?
The poem tells the man I love in a special way how much he is loved. The poem is about my feelings and why I would marry him today.
Looking for information from anyone that knows anything about dreams, and how to interpret them.
Vitamins are essential to our bodies; however vitamins can be thought of in a different way. This article is about how feelings can turn into deficiencies .
Writing to inform people from all over the world that there is a Facebook group where prayer is available 24 hrs everyday of the week.
What are the pros and the cons of taking courses by mail? There are many reasons to consider this option. The choices are all about what is best for you with your given situations.
How can victims of breast cancer do more than survive, and find the courage to step out of their past and into tomorrow as a better person?
How a specific women could have abused her baby.This post is about an actual witnessing of a woman abusing her baby. The post wanted the news shared. The video i feel is too graphic to show in fear of a child viewing it. The information still needs to be shared to educate everyone tha...
The world is constantly moving at a faster pace than years ago, and money problems tend to circle around all the workers.
This article is about Thieves and Lemon Oil, and how these two oils have been known to help cold and flu suffers feel better sooner, than if they had tried other options
This article is about ,'Young Living,' natural oil,' Panaway'..This information is not to create sales for myself. I just want to give health conscious people information about this type of natural oil.
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