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words words words..... they come to me like a river, divinity inspires me, the path of devotion beckons me.poetry is the quest for my inner self.in other words it is the search for my spirit force.
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the scenes we watch daily as a part of our daily routine lose significance. but once you wake up to the reality of the situation this is what you find....
the relationships of life, are all impermanent. they change from time to time with the change in nature and perceptions of people then which one is eternal? the answer comes through faith in GOD.
nature... man's best friend, has many beauties. have you ever observed a bird and its gliding grace? the majesty if its gait and its graceful flight transported me into a world of fantasy which made me wish to become like it... would you like to journey through the sky with me?
death brings grief but , the realization of a better world beyond the cosmic existence where the spirit journeys into is what brings peace and less grief...
how does a poet write poetry? the answer is difficult to find. the internal experience of a poet and his thought process , i have tried to explain here being a poet myself....
in this dark void called life the search for a supreme force has been a tradition down the ages. Bhakti the concept of the Gita and the Upanishads is the oldest form of worship in the land of saints, India.... this is my quest for the inner spiritual self....
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