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College student and Navy veteran. I just feel like writing. These are poems about events in my life. I would like to share.
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Poems that I wrote during my most recent manic episode. Hopefully I am able to share my voice and the light that can be at the end with others.
Two personal poems. The first is an ode to fishing. The second is an ode to poetry. Both quick writes. Thanks hope you enjoy.
This is a poem I wrote about my experiences with paranoia. I was able to find relation through fishing and repair within that relation. I have also worked through this problem and the anxiety it carries by bringing it to the surface. This poem should be read like you would normally r...
This is a personal poem that I wrote about my experiences with insomnia. Would like to share with others.
Poem 1 Titled: "The Rain Poem" Poem 2 Titled: "Stars"
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