Solomon Sunday

Solomon Sunday
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Writer. disciple of christ, preacher, teacher, counsellor, motivational speaker, ...
I love poetry because it help me put my imagination into writing.
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One screw to tie us together one key to unity one way to victory Love
Opposition may arise but still we must stand life is full of opposition intentionally and unintentionally we must survive its rage and terror in our life....
Sometime in our life journey we need to take a word and run with it and give a little encouragement
A poem about two people who are in love and faced with a fear that they might not spend the rest of there life together as planned..... No matter our plans God plan is still the ultimate
From the old emerge the new From the old the new is called out no matter how the old was the new deserve a better acceptation
There is a truth we cannot hide from no matter who we are no natter what we think about it this is the truth that stir at boldly at us daily What is this Truth?.... Find out yourself in this poem
Offense is what we must fight with In order to save our relationships and friendship especially those God has brought into our life
In God image we where created and his attribute we must leave. Creativity is Gods Nature and this nature we must live on the street of life...
We have something that makes us unique in our creation. the gift in us in a key to be creative in life We have gift and a mandate to use it and use it well
Sometimes we don't really know where our heart is leading us to but in all we do from our we must operate in truth despite the level of uncertainty
We all need somebody to lean on in times we are weak And God in his love will always send us angels in mortal skin to stand by us.... We cant stand alone in life
A poem about two friends who lost contact with each other and a call for a reunion ......
We where created to be useful the benefit of our existence stands to be questioned when our usefulness becomes invalid
Though we all came naked into the world but not empty God gave us gift, talent and abilities as we came into the world if we must use it we must use it well because it is the best resources God ever gave to mankind....
here in this short poem is a little description on how love should be Gods love toward us is unconditional and until we start loving unconditionally we will always fail in our love life... Loving God, ourselves and others without conditions
Except a man be born again he cannot see the kingdom of God Except a man be born of Water and of the Spirit he cannot enter into the kingdom of God No matter who you are if you are not born again you must be born again.....
We all like stars on earth and like stars we must shine brighter and better even in our corrupt bodies yet precious pearls in us we behold as evident of our Goldy creation we must shine like burning fire in a world far away from home....
We can rise if we want to rise our past can put us down but how awful it maybe its not a yardstick to stay down a poem about the past , the present and the future of the black nativity in the black soil...
Often time we struggle with The Lord to get access into our life but that's not how it ought to be In all we do in all we say God still deserve our best
After the sun comes the moon and stars to shine the night gentle and meek they shine giving room for a play..... A night play
Sometime we wish we never met certain people other times we wish we would always have certain people around us God brings people into our life for a purpose at a certain time when we get them we should never let them good friends are not easy to come across
we can never hide from our dreams no matter how long we stay out of it it sing from our inner space
No matter how far we travel no matter how comfortable we feel There is no place like home because home is where it all began
Our God is great in beyond measure if there are words for him then i don't have them but i will use the little i have and know to sing of his greatness
When adequate words cannot express joy and happiness only a few would do in counted action
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