Angel Plant

Angel Plant
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I write love, death, anything that comes to mine. I love people and helping others. I am going to school now for freelance writing. Which I enjoy. At Penn Foster.
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A ribbon wore in her hair makes a girl or woman feel special. She wants to look her best for the one she loves.
I can fly away with you is how I was feeling when I wrote this poem. What love promises and what you can do when your in love.
Just a poem about love sweet love. How two people wrote poems together. Fell in love. Just wanted to be together forever.
Just sweet memories that I will never forget. As I look into your eyes. I see a mirror with your face.
I love God and he is the one that helps me. Makes me a better person. Without him I would be nothing.
Birds flying in flight as they go along. The sounds and sights so beautiful. They are so loud with the whisper of wings. The call so tender. So light and clear. Hear the whisper of the call.
The truth is about love and trust. Being in love and things you feel. How to love. A love story about two people so in love. They want to always be there for one another.
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