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I live in Georgia, USA. I am a granny to 3 precious children. I am Mama to Bugg and two human beings. I was once married to a wonderful, Dan.
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Yes Bugg is my dog for the most part but, he has so much love to give that there is plenty to go around for the whole family. Though with giving love, at times it is also means getting it taken away.
Joe the donkey really had me working over time with his lies during this debate. I feel as if the Vice President of the United States would have a bit more dignity then this but, Joe once again showed me why I have no respect for him.
I feel that the President of the United States of America should answer not only to the American citizens about Libya but also, the worlds question of, what exactly is your plan Mr. President for world peace. Mr. President, are we now using the 'Biden plan'?
What I have taken away from the Vice Presidential debate is, a lot of 'lies', not enough content worthy of the American peoples time and unanswered questions. The disrespect this man shown was beyond belief, to say the least. Yes, I feel the democrat mascot of a jackass fits this gu...
President Obama, as the Commander in Chief of our Armed Forces, I feel should be taking charge in putting out the message that yes, those American citizens in the Armed Forces are still able to vote, it is just a click away. No matter where they are now living.
After watching a video clip of the 60 minutes Governor Romney interview with Scott Pelley on a fellow writers article and after a bit of research to make sure Mr. Romney's facts were true, I now will be casting my vote for this former Governor.
Mr. Romney did a 60 minutes interview with Scott Pelley, one which I missed. I missed it that is, until a fellow wikinut writer wrote a story about this interview that also included the you tube video of this meeting. The can of worms was then opened.
After Clint Eastwood made an appearance at the Republican national convention, Mr. Obama's campaign team decided they had to take on the big bad 82 year old and I guess, give us all world peace, what's a President for.
The thick consistency of this soup will fill your belly with a satisfying sensation yet, it is very light and to say it is tasty, is an understatement, it is downright lip smacking good. This soup pairs well with the creamy chicken salad sandwich I serve next to it.
My own version of a chicken salad sandwich might be a bit against the norm but, that is why I like it so much. Nothing plain about this sandwich from the bit of spice, to the carrots and green onions, adding a bit of sweetness and crunch.
We are in the hottest months we have here in the deep south and as you fill yourself with life saving water to cool down. Do not forget about your pet, they too need to keep hydrated to stay alive.
This recipe will not only make a delicious meal with leftovers you might have from the night before but, it will also leave your pockets a bit 'less' empty. Rice is a good way to stretch a few ingredients a long way, while your family's stomachs will be very happy that you did so.
Since I have been absent from Wikinut, there have been some new people that have joined Wikinut. They just might be thinking, who is this hairy woman/man that just left a message on my page. Enquiring minds might or might not, want to know.
There are those of us that have learned to give, it is a curse at times. As those that we love and those we just might like, take all you got, tie it up and cut it with a knife. It goes, it flows and finally soils, as life goes on.
Just like with us humans, man made chemicals should be avoided when possible, even when it comes to your pet. Yes, I am 'that' woman that dotes on her dogs and they too will enjoy this Easter holiday, safely.
There will be so many eggs boiled, smashed, cooked and dyed come this Easter Sunday, let's make them good ones. I had to also include my recipe for the best egg salad sandwich there is, well in my mind, it is.
I know when most people think of a corned beef sandwich, their first thought is usually a reuben sandwich but, there are so many more combinations that fit this piece of beef. This is my take and it is delicious.
What would St. Patrick's day be without a lovely Corned beef dinner. I know I do not want to find out how it is. This is a very easy recipe that will feed your family for a few days and they will not tire of the goodness.
Yes, Sweet Tee is 'the baby' of our family. Some would say he is spoiled, I say he is just loved a whole lot. Since he was a rescue dog, we did encounter some problems but, we tackled them with love and a lot of patience.
It is a done deal, I will not allow 'drunk' Dad back into my life, it must end. Nope, I am done! I will deal with my Brother's mental challenges/bipolar as a result of this but, 'we' can not talk to this man.
So many girls have the joy of growing up and being Daddy's little girl. This is not always the reality for some girls. We will pine for it and then one day we wake up, realizing it is not to be true, for us.
Photographs used in articles can come from a set up shot or even just being lucky enough, to be at the right place and at the right time. Sometimes they are not what they seem.
When an idea strikes you, for a article you want to write, at times you will not have all that you need, to complete your article. Unless you release your imagination and just use what you have.
Marks Pet Ownership Guide Challenge: Bugg has been blessed with the best of both worlds, being a mixed breed dog. He has a wonderful temperament and he sure is one good looking dog.
Add some roasted corn, leeks, onions, canned tomatoes, some spices and this crockpot recipe will be a hit that your family will ask you to make, time and time again.
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