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I'm a fashionista with a passion for style. I love bright colors and new trends. Other things I enjoy are creative weddings, events, and other fun stuff.
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Making a cookie bouquet is always a fun time, and it's not that hard to do! Here are some tips to making your own cookie bouquets.
When there is a new baby in the home, one of the concerns may be about giving them a bath. Here are a few tips and tricks to keeping bathing simple and less scary.
It's hard to know what to get your teenager for their special birthday. When you are stumped or would like some inspiration, here are some great ideas that might get you started.
Planning a wedding is a challenging task! Staying on budget while getting the best deal is a very tricky job. So when it comes to choosing one of the most important elements on your wedding day, you may want a few tips on choosing a great photographer for the big day!
There are many different things to consider when you're choosing a gourmet gift basket to send to family or friends. For the many different reasons, and the many different options, get some advice to make your decision a little easier when purchasing your next gourmet gift basket.
The latest trend that you may have seen in recent weddings, is dressing man's best friend (and feline friend) in chic little outfits for the big day. Where do you even start looking for items like this? Look no farther for some great ideas and places to look.
Grandparent's Day is coming up quickly and the hunt is on for the perfect way to share the love you feel for the older generation in your life. Grandparents love handmade gifts from their heirs so what is better than having your kids make them a tailor-made memory book for their spec...
What happens at a bachelor party stays at the bachelor party, right? Traditionally, a bachelor party was a man’s last night of singlehood, and his friends were there to make sure he made the most of it. But are strippers, Vegas, out of control drinking, bar hopping, and other ingr...
There are many management styles out there, and some are more effective for certain types of people. But what are some general rules of thumb for being a leader in your business? Read on and find out.
In the United States, Halloween is a time of candy, trick-or-treating and costumes. But what do other countries do on October 31st? Does everyone celebrate Halloween? What are their traditions like?
If you are planning a baby shower, you know you need food, decorations, as well as games and prizes. Hosting a baby shower can be very expensive if you shop at your local gift shop. However, you can create a unique baby shower that everyone will love and that is easy on your budget wi...
If you want to create a baby shower that everyone will remember and the mom-to-be will be overjoyed with, then you want to use a jungle theme. A jungle theme consists of baby lions, tigers, monkeys, and more. These jungle animals look adorable and can be placed on everything from the ...
Have you ever wanted to grow roses? Maybe you have wanted to but you're not sure how to get started. Well did you know you can grow roses from rose stems? It's true! Find out how to plant these beautiful flowers in your own backyard.
Baby showers are always a fun party to plan, but the best part is being able to choose a theme for the shower. A sports fan is the perfect candidate for a sports-themed baby shower. Here are some fun ideas to help you plan a pumped-up baby shower to honor the special mom-to-be!
When kids are at home during the summer or on holiday breaks, they tend to end up by your side with the familiar line, "I'm bored." Well these craft ideas for kids will be sure to keep them busy for hours.
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