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hi there...
-this is me from Philippines.
- 23 years of age.
-I graduated BSE-Soc.Sci.
-am a teacher but I can't live w/out a paper and pen to write
-I love my poems and I love meeting different people all over the world.
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Valentine's Day is special day for us to celebrate. And we can more make it lovelier than ever with our own simple ways yet powerful to show love perfectly to our loveones.
Sometime it hard to understand poems while reading them. But, we tend to stop reading without knowing why we don't understand. Poems can talk million things to us. It is more about life itself.
This is about simple ways to help other people especially the poor ones. This could be an inspiration for everyone in a way that he or she would not feel any burden or hassle in helping other people. Thus, the true worth of "helping" would be achieved without being so rich in order to...
This is just my realization as a writer as a human being who longs to have a happy and balance life. This could be a lesson to other writers too here based from my experience.
Do you consider yourself as a disciple of Jesus? Everyone who believes in Him is actually His disciple. Now, are you tense on how to become a good disciple of Jesus? If yes… then try knowing how to be a good follower of Him without any worries on how to do it.
A tricky love for a truelove. It could be a sad thing...but it sometimes happens in reality...
Love is a mixture of different emotions. Sometimes it is so kind, irritated,deadly, but the end would always be lovely and romantic.
Love is full of emotions. Sometimes, it is so illogical. But really, it's very delicate.
Sometimes, I am caught by someone by a surprise... I don't know him...but it seems that my soul knows him...this is so sweetly confusing...
Life may be a joke... But joke hurts for it's not funny anymore...
Life is always full of surprises...Love may not be that timely; but a nice memory.
A poem about three years ago... It was about how I suffered just because of love; but time came I realized that there's always a way out for everything...and that is not letting somebody steal my entire life. ( I need to love myself too...)
Loosing weight nowadays is a common stress. One could do many things just to be on shape, but finds it difficult to attain. So this article will give you some secret tips to lose weight in a fast way.
For some quite moments, God is able to speak with us and reminding as His awesome power that no one could ever beat.
Opposing ideas and capacities doesn't mean lovers don't love each other anymore. Actually, those could help them to make the relationship even more stronger.
Missing someone so badly might be a bit crazy.and unreasonable, but it mostly happen to us. But the good thing about it is the essence that somebody is really so important to us.
Life is full of memories but some f those memories are not that so beautiful to remember, But as time passes by, one can truly understand the beauty of those ugly and unavoidable experiences.
The eyes are the most miraculous parts of our body. It can speak to us in different ways. And it will show us where love is.
Sometimes, we need to fight especially if there's no one to do it for us. So at difficult times, we need to be brave enough to live.
Sometimes we had some misunderstandings to the person that we loved and cared so much a long time ago.We maybe disappointed, heartbroken, or angry. But sad to say that there are times that we really badly need there presence. It might be that we miss them despite the ups and downs in...
History is a subject for a lifetime that everybody needs to study. It's actually full of beautiful-meaty-content which has a great help for us.So let me share the things I know and realize about History...
When we find love, everything is like fantasy. Sometimes we tend to be weird and quite strange but we really enjoy such a kind of feeling. Anyway really love speaks in different ways to different people, but what matters all is that everybody could be really so happy.
Some people say that women are weaker than men. But whatever is it, whether true or not, this poem is actually a personalized poem, but I do not admit that I'm that weak...For me, a woman is really expressive in some ways, so she may appear weak, but she survive!
As I look back a beautiful and hopeful memory in the past, I learned that time is so powerful...
For every person who believe in God really knows how to pray and why they pray. A prayer is really the best communication that we could have between God and us. through it we could say everything that we wanna say to Him. Thus, our souls will be lighten and be full of joy. And we cou...
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