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I like to share my experience with people
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Two French nationals try to burn a harmless quokka with lighter and aerosol and they film the whole incident on a video.
In 2007, Richard Hammond left his Porsche on traffic and ran all the way to his home for 16 miles to make it for his daughter birthday
These small, yellow, rubber toy which usually seen enduring a quick journey around the bathtub have unexpectedly revolutionized mankind of the ocean's knowledge.
There's a death metal band whose lead singer is a parrot. No joke.
An Israeli woman dies at the age of 99 and had more than 1,400 direct descendant.
Looks like the world will live longer than we thought it would. Here some shocking discovery regarding the earth's ozone layer.
Here are some of the most rarest fact that most people may or may not know about Batman. I hope this page can reach Ben Affleck. Enjoy.
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