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I have a graduate degree in Philosophy. I love to write and to develop friendships all over the world, I hope to add you to my list of good friends.
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In early November the first major update for Windows 10. In all probability, all the innovations of recent insider builds are then integrated into Microsoft's current operating system.
Man is the best creation of the world and children are considered innocent. Children of the world are innocent, vulnerable and dependent.
The team of Thomas Worle remains tuned to league leaders Wolfsburg. The Bavarian women win despite moderate performance against Leverkusen. Only downside: the lean setting in Grunwald Stadium.
Against "a German Nazi group in the North East of England": Pegida UK called for Newcastle, hardly anyone came. There were a lot of counter-demonstrators.
It is increasingly difficult to draw a medical line between life and death. The German Ethics Council has now tried to talk to brain death and organ donation clarifying statements - and is divided against itself.
The Islamist terror militia Boko Haram in Nigeria leaves more and more suicide attacks by women commit - and little girls. Behind this is ice cold calculus.
The iPhone 6 was not equipped unexpectedly with sapphire crystal as a display protection, but the successor could change. A major disadvantage of the hard material has now been resolved, according to an expert.
Not at 15,000 software users, the licenses are checked. It only goes to a low four-digit number, Microsoft said in response to a media report. In addition, there has been a change with restrictions on the EDU licenses.
Refusing to provide information in NSA-committee of the Bundestag has reached a new dimension. Now not even details are confirmed, which are in the press for weeks. The legal basis of eavesdropping also remains unclear.
Smaller than a Playstation 4, but faster and more economical: Alienware offers once as Steam Machine announced Alpha-PC thanks to clever ideas many Console feelings from 500 € - albeit with some avoidable annoyances with the hardware.
Microsoft has announced the release date of his so far best known smartphone with Windows Phone.
Adobe has now finally released a security update with Flash, which includes a dangerous flash gap
With the Microsoft Debug Diagnostic, Tool detects errors on Windows PCs and Windows servers. We introduce this brilliant free tool for professionals.
The Telekom explains the technique is now used for Internet coverage in the ICE. Flash-OFDM no longer in use. And long tunnels require special measures to wiring.
The Jordanian army flies retaliatory attacks on terrorist militia Islamic State. A number of positions were destroyed. They say you'll stakes continue until the IS "cut off" is.
The head of the Munich Security Conference, Wolfgang Ischinger, is dealing with the "Islamic state" on military force. In Ukraine, he believes in the power of sanctions. Germany has assumed a central role in trying to resolve the conflict in eastern Ukraine.
The Chancellor and the French President launch surprisingly a diplomatic offensive to the peaceful resolution of Ukraine's crisis. However, this Thursday they travel together to Kiev, on Friday, we continue to Moscow.
NATO wants to 30,000 men enlarge their rapid reaction force. 5000 of them are to be particularly fast 2700 come to unconfirmed information from Germany.
The number of 600 people has already pulled out of Germany in the war to Syria. What makes the "Islamic State" so appealing to young and dangerous?
Russia has the UN Security Council submitted a draft resolution that seeks to reduce the funding of the "Islamic State" on.
In Indonesia, three-one android smartphones are available with the hitherto unknown version of Android 5.1. This is unexpected: in Germany, the last Nexus devices have just received the version 5.0.2.
The British House has approved a new fertilization method, which is a rare genetic disease can be eliminated. Not only for religious groups is an ethical boundary crossed with the "three-parent baby."
What comes after the fitness trackers? The health data migrate into the cloud. They are centrally analyzed and tested. So glassy man has never been.
To write with ten fingers an email on your smartphone, one needs to have small fingers. For all other Logitech and Microsoft have chic Bluetooth’s keyboards.
The Internet in the United States is to remain neutral and yet attractive to investors. It wishes to enforce the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission Tom Wheeler. However, his colleagues have yet to approve the proposal.
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