Luke Facey

Luke Facey
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I am a student at Colyton Grammar School in Devon, South-West England
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Marco Simoncelli (20/01/87 - 23/10/11) Moto GP, Gresini Honda
The Premier League has been the name of the top division of English Football since 1992.
A brief biography of the singer/songwriter Alan Pownall
Need to know if someone is lieing? Here are a few pointers to be able to determine a lier.
Have a scratched gaming, music or computer disc? Need to fix it? Follow these simple steps to do so.
Ever have problems linking yours or your friends' controllers to your Xbox? Solve the problem here.
The lightsaber was a weapon created and used a long time ago, in a galaxy, far, far away.
The Sony Centre is a store displaying the latest technology from the Sony company. Laptops, all in one Desktops and new 3D technology are just a few of the astonishing developments they have made in the world of electronic science.
Ipod frozen? Follow these simple steps to reset your device.
Dropped your phone in water? Want to know how to recover it? Follow these simple steps to find out how.
Grand Theft Auto: The invention that revolutionized open-world gaming.
A description of the atmosphere at the swimming pool of the villa, my family and I stayed at a few years ago.
A short story on an October morning when my cat Marmaduke hunts in the garden.
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