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I was born in Denmark, lived in canada for 3 years, now living in Turkey, with my lovely boyfriend and our dog. I looove writing about anything that comes to my mind.
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Yes folks, its true your dog can go through false pregnancy, wondering about it? or what to do? Read this article that has all the answers.
Golden Retrievers are the best dogs to buy if you have a family, or if you need a friend. Fluffy teddy bear with a wonderful personality who everyone love.
If you own a Golden Retriever and you have he or she inside your house. Then you sure know what im talking about. If you don't want hair everywhere then a Golden retriever is not for you. But I dont mind, id rather deal with the hair then being without my Golden, anytime.
Yes the day of love is back again. It is a lovely day for those who appriciate this wonderful day, which only comes once a year so swollow your pride and let the romance out.
Helping and bringing comfort to another dog will never hurt you. There has been this cute little fluffy brown eyed dog running around outside of our house, so we thought why not help her out a bit.
You always has to remember that everyday is a new day, and it sure was for us today. Yesterday was a very bad day for us and our poor dog Daisy.
Yes there is nothing better than a day out in the sunshine, walking on the beach with our wonderful Golden Retriever Daisy.
Its a cold new year, and it is time to put that fall wardbrobe up on ebay and to present the new year with a whole new wardrobe of you. Do you love fashion? I sure do, this article will give some ideas about fashion, what's new, some facts about fashion and a few steps to become a fas...
It is a New Year, a new chapter has started and there is so many reason why you should make this year better than the others.
This article will let you in of a day with Daisy, who is our lovely Golden Retriever. And trust me it is not a day of a normal dog.
Yes Christmas is back, we have all been waiting for 11 months and now it has finally arrived again. I hope you are all getting in the Christmas spirit like me. Have a peak at this article to get you in the spirit. Merry Christmas.
Oh yes, I am a shopaholic. Do you follow in my shoes? Shopping is a wonderful thing. Shopping is just another word for therapy, and it is cheaper. People who doesn't wont to go shopping surely doesn't know the meaning of money.
Do you have a passion for fashion? I do and I love keeping up with fashion, what to wear and what is all new in stores. So check it out.
Do you want flawless soft and beautiful skin? Who doesn't. I have some wonderful tips that just might help your day. Take a look at my article to get to know what you need to know.
Yes I am back and fully unpacked, I have been gone for a while because we have been in movement, so if you are ready to follow up on my life and my life long lasting tips get started.
It is true you can straighten or curl your synthetic hair extensions. You may not believe it because I didn't untill I gave it a try. Read this to know how to make it all happen.
Yes it is true, everyone is watching world cup on Mute, because of the horible sound which is called The vuvuzela. This horn should be stuck in their throat instead of blowing in it with their mouth.
Don't know what make up to buy? I do, I got it. I figured it all out. No more running around the stores figuring out to to buy, weird colours or the make up that never lasts.
Wondering about your hair and how much is grows in a year? Read this article to know all about your hair.
Everyone around me is chasing after something. Are you chasing after something? I bet you are. I just can't find that missing brick to my puzzle.
Are you tired of your same old life, working hard for the money? I might have what can get your money going up instead of down.
You heard me right, I do not understand who can someone get paid millions to kick a ball? How can some one have a mansion just for taking pictures of someone's body?
There are so many ways to go on the internet now a days, but do you have the best solution for your computer? Here are the top 3, web browsers.
Want to know the set up for world cup? How much they are getting paid? Here is everything about World Cup and the teams who are playing.
It is a big number right? That is how many songs has been downloaded from iTunes.
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