Bill Harbin Jr

Bill Harbin Jr
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Bill Harbin Jr is a freelance writer that had a book published in addition to hundreds of articles. His practical, down to earth advice can be used to find not only value, but perhaps a better life.
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Recent pages by Bill Harbin Jr

Learn some interesting facts about taking a cruise that leaves from New York. This cruise vacation can give you more than you thought possible.
Real statements by real Americans who remain anonymous are given here along with links from news sources. We can get upset about Obama with good reason but probably need to figure out a way to laugh about it also.
Gain some knowledge about some romantic hotels that are really special and at very low prices. Learn about some bargains in Medan, Indonesia.
Stages of life for people are compared to seasons of gardening. Learn some great tips of what to do to better your life and your garden. It’s a fun read!
Learn some ideas that could make your retirement happen early. In addition, valuable tips on how to create a better life in retirement are given.
Useful tips are given on how great America is and how to be happy with Obama. Politics and Religion are hot topics but happiness is more important.
Something special happens when a baby is dressed in college football clothing. Learn what can happen to a baby when college football is involved in their life.
Discover the most romantic drive in the Smokey Mountains. Learn about this experience and decide what route and activities might be most exciting to you.
Discover what to expect on your first cruise. These tips will help you find the right cruise and reveal some great benefits of why cruising is so great
Thoughts and lessons that can be learned from Indonesia to help America are discussed. Learn some insights into the cultures and attitudes from countries at opposite sides of the earth.
Discover some ways to handle your finances that will help you in ways you never that about. The thoughts given here will help guide you with money decisions.
Learn what a garden can do for your heart health as well as other benefits. Research is provided that show the benefits and advantages of a garden.
Who is to blame for the sickness of Obamacare is discussed. The resignation of Kathleen Sebelius and the role of Obama in the new healthcare law are questioned.
Cars of the sixties were great, and this description of my 1962 Oldsmobile shows the excitement of automobiles in this era. Discover great things about older cars.
Indonesia is a destination where just being there and observing life is special. Learn some strange things to look for and enjoy in this country.
Read some facts and think about Obama and the United States Of America. Form your own opinion of whether this is the worst President ever.
Writers have many sites to choose from when trying to make money on articles. The disadvantages of the site Constant Content are discussed.
The Bible gives some funny advice to men that just might also be some good advice. Read some verses to make you laugh and gain some good knowledge.
Learn some comparisons of Wikinut and Yahoo Contributor network writing sites from someone who wrote for both sites.
Sometimes real life dramas turn into stories with a happy ending and a message to be learned. Ponder the thoughts given here with a smile.
It seems now that even a crisis that comes about gets reported differently in the news. We do not join together as a nation anymore. The question of which news do you watch or believe needs to be answered with American unity.
Your relationship with God can begin a better life for you if you take the tips given here. Learn some ideas of how to communicate with God.
Discover easy ways to save a lot of money on groceries and avoid dealing with coupons. No need to waste time clipping and organizing coupons when this shopping method makes saving money much simpler.
Interesting thoughts and real life happenings are given here to help answer the question of whether God answers prayer. Gain some knowledge about answered prayer experiences.
If you are considering buying gold perhaps you should read this real life experience of what happened to me. This perspective may change your mind about buying gold.
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