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I am Mr Ram bahadur chhetri. i am a student of bachelor level of Golden Gate international college.
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Life and art are precious. Art makes life of man meaningful and long lasting.
Pokhara is the most beautiful city of the Nepal as well as whole Asia. millions of people travels pokhara from several parts of the world.
Many people say human's close friends are only human. It is not possible that other creatures can be good friends rather than human. I am the example of this.
Investment is purchase of financial assets or real assets to get extra income from that investment by the individual and institutional investors after certain time.
The right to live and exist right to equality including equality before law, non discrimination on grounds of religions, race, cast, sex ,or birthplace and occupation.
He is a son of Nepali soil and he is also known as a Gorkha (people do not afraid with enemy).He took war as an honor and for prestige. He got several after Second World War.
It is hard to believe that a teen who is around 5.5 kg and 22 inch. Do you know the child who is the shortest teen of the World? That child is from Nepal, whose name is Mr. Khagendra Thapa Magar.
Goa is one of the beautiful and precious place of India. If you don't see the ocean? If you still don't play in the sea? And if you don,t do para selling? If you don't see dolphin? Goa is suitable place for this things.
Messi is one of the young and famous player of the world. Mara dona says he is the second Mara done.
All people don't know what Nepal is? If you come in Nepal you don't forget to visit kathmandu, pokhara, chitwan other part of Nepal also.
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