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Christina Pomoni
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As part of my long journey, I have served as an Equity Research Associate, a Marketing Research Analyst and a Financial & Investment Advisor. Besides, having lived at Chicago, IL, Boca Raton, FL and Paris, France has helped me, not only to be a successful professional, but mostly to see life under a more creative and innovative perspective.
My areas of specialization are Business, Finance & Investment.

I can be found at:!/profile.php?id=576531375
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For Lady Gaga, her idea of creating fashion is an inherent part of her success. Yet, two years of presence in the pop scene may not be enough to earn her the title of “fashion icon”.
Being the driving force behind The Cure for almost 35 years, Robert Smith remains a unique case of artist, one of those that cannot be passed, even if one hates Goth punk in its early roots.
Ian Curtis will always be the guru of gloom because he never sold his soul to the devil of commercial success. And because he knew how to write.
It takes the majesty and the splendor of a group like U2 and the leadership skills of a performer like Bono to make it to the top, but mostly to be able to stay on the top for nearly 34 years.
Unlike “In The End”, “Crawling” and “Numb”, “The Catalyst” is not a Linkin Park classic. Although it is not the magnificent sound of the “Hybrid Theory” or the incredible “Meteora” rapping layer, it is a perfect experiment.
A loving touch and caress from the parent can significantly influence the emotional and mental development and stability of a baby, and over time, an individual.
From a music perspective, Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears cannot be compared. They may share several similarities, but Britney, who may have been forced to go to a psychological clinic and has shaved her head, is still active, performing and glamorous; and with a legendary career to st...
Madonna and Lady Gaga, although with nearly 20 years of difference, are provocative, eccentric and innovative. Moreover, they seem to like each other a lot.
Besides the long-term planning, your customers need to feel that they can be aware of any development in your business, positive or negative, as soon as it occurs. And this is only feasible with Web-based project management tools such as blog.
This article is about brand loyalty and its importance in contemporary business environmernt. Integrating the elements of customer satisfaction and commitment, brand loyalty echoes favorable consumer attitudes typically expressed with repeated purchases.
Google Trends features comparative charts of the popularity of keyword phrases and provides information on search volume data. This means how many users how much are interested in a particular topic based on the keyword search that is introduced over a given period of time.
Google Analytics is a valuable website analytics tool that can help you improve weak areas, capitalize on strong points and become better informed about your website and its impact on prospect customers through the use of effective keywords and successful ads.
There is no doubt that Miley Cyrus is talented. Having become globally known as the leading star of Disney’s Hannah Montana at the age of 13, Miley carved her way to stardom taking quick, but careful steps.
"Bionic" lacks personality. Without a hit lead single to capture the audience and Aguilera's multi-octave voice being overpowered by electronic sounds, the album doesn't sound too interesting, is sporadically sparkling, but basically dull.
“Recovery” is nothing like any previous Eminem’s studio albums. Leaving the satire aside and sounding more mature than ever, Eminem accepts the faults of “Relapse” and “Encore” in an attempt to reposition himself in the hip-hop crème de la crème.
It is very easy to develop and adopt energy efficient lifestyles, whether you run a home-based business or a corporation of thousands employees. The whole point is in really wanting to reduce your business’ impact on the environment.
Consumer decision making is highly influenced by the new trend of greentailing, as greener products are offered to them and greener business processes are adopted by retailers throughout the entire supply chain.
Paid and organic search results are two different types of traffic generated by search engine optimization (SEO). Although organic search results are considered more effective, paid search results have their advantages too.
Although traffic is a good criterion to measure the success of a website, it’s not enough. It takes a number of factors that need to be evaluated to assess if a website performs well with regard to marketing goals.
Hitchcock’s talent was capable to alter the admittedly complicated story of a bifurcate personality with prevailing Oedipus residues from low budget experiments in a first size artistic and commercial success.
Grey’s Anatomy” reflects the intensity of medical training mixed with the amusing and, at the same time, painful lives of protagonists, who realize that neither medicine nor relationships can be defined in black and white. Real life only comes in shades of grey. And “Grey’s An...
If it’s blasphemy or art, it is subject to individual perceptions about religion, artistic expression and limits in art. However, there is no doubt that “Alejandro” blends religious symbolism with the shocking factor producing a video that raises spiritual oppositions.
Coca-Cola brand name is positioned in a way that takes advantage of all the elements of marketing mix. In doing so, it achieves to develop a brand personality and distinguish itself from competition, thus increasing brand loyalty and satisfaction.
Effective time management requires the implementation of specific strategies that can help you make the most of your time when working in an office.
High keyword density is a factor that increases the popularity and visibility of a website in the search engine results pages (SERPS). However, it is not the most important factor for appearing on search engines.
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