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Born and bred in Gloucester with Italian roots I haven't indulged in poetry since my student days many moons ago! I will be doing whatever comes into my head, so hang on - this may be a bumpy ride ...
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This short prose describes a recent holiday of mine. I have tried to create this piece with adventure, intrigue and pace ... I hope you enjoy this short trip! :-)
"The Chase" is my poetic attempt at building the scene in the immediate aftermath of a burglary. What is going through the burglar's mind as he attempts to escape from the property? Will he get caught or will those stolen items make their way onto Ebay, or into Cash Generator?! Hope...
In the first of a number of 'Top 5's' I explore the Indie scene of the 1990s and pick out my favourite tracks that epitomises this genre.
I have travelled to Rome many times - enjoy the photos I have snapped and read my first poetic prose about the Italian capital.
This is just a light-hearted look at the steps many of us go through before heading off to work. It tends to become quite ritualistic, but that's human nature's way of coping with the inevitable!
A story of love, heartbreak and new paths. I like to think this to be a powerful piece of emotional writing. I'm sure many people can relate to this in some way. Hope you like it!
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