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Well, I am who I am, I am who God created my character to be. I am true believer, a Christian and person who fought many life battles and a survivor.
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The day she was born when I first set eyes on her was the happiest and joyful day to be introduce to my granddaughter. I was a proud grandmother. I have spread the news contacting family friends to share with them all that I became a grandmother to a one pound baby girl. Tears of joy,...
I am a wife, I am a mother, I am a Christian. Serving God and others. How many husbands calls their wife Old Lady. T
Writing this post on my behalf living with Post traumatic stress and with Traumatic Brain Injury. It explains how i conduct my life with living with mental illness. To my understanding of what my doctor explained to me on a previous visit that mental illness may be genetic. It just ha...
Early in child years through my youth to my adult years I have discovered that I have had learn life lessons the hard way. Story shares a brief experiences of what I have had learned through the years of my life. Sad times as well as my ups and down, hardship and grief moments of my l...
Well Mennonites have taken their name from a a Dutch Priest back in the 16th Century. Menno Simon's converted to the Anabaptist faith. The Mennonites roots are a branch of Christians of the 16th Century. Describing my sister and I time we grew up in the Mennonite faith there were many...
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