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A Poet and a Philosopher!

I like to gather History and General Knowledge, Have too many views that I wanna express.

And a funny fact is that I like to argue with people over justification of things
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Recent pages by Pushkar

A short poem with a big message - life is important, give up or fight, be a wimp or a knight, life's a time, may not be coming again and might end anytime.
To remind y'all that every day and night, the ones who believe and the ones who fight, there's a place in your heart and in every soul it resides, supports you with the will and a holy peace it ignites.
Describing Importance of what we call a compilation of writings, knowledge and discovery leading to and forth our lives, A Book.
A well thought poem describing the common but an unusually thinkable thing called memory and mind.
An Expressive Tribute to every freedom achieved and fought for a relieved life that exists today.
A poem describing the journey of a river and the making of sea.
Essence of poetry-building and its' aspects in literature.
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