Cindy Justice

Cindy Justice
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My name is Cindy. I'm married and have three wonderful children. I work two jobs plus do some freelance apps and writing on the side.
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People are always looking for ways to earn a few dollars to carry them over from each payday.
I put in two applications at places I really want to get a job at.
I hesitated in first joining here on Wikinut but I since don't look back. I enjoy writing the few articles I am able to write.
With the help of my writing website pay from Bubblews and PayPal from the smartphone app, Perk Tv, my family will be going on a weekend adventure to Cincinnati Ohio.
Exercising now a days can not only be very rewarding to the body but it can also help fatten your piggy bank.
I recently have discovered a new way to make money with my Android phone. I allow a company to place different ads on my phone daily. The ad box stays in one location and the ad changes on occasion.
My mom will be turning the big 5-0 in November so now is the time my sister, brother and I are planning her birthday bash. I was talking to her via text and managed to get what she would like for dinner and gift ideas without being obvious that it is for her birthday.
I currently earn money and gift cards just for scanning my receipts onto three different smartphone apps.
I currently write and post on three websites and love how they are very rewarding.
It's starting a new week so that means a new goal for my money earning websites and apps.
Today my cousin just found out she was pregnant and was already 6 months along. Doctors did an ultrasound and found out she's having a boy!
I'm always on the go with my two jobs and always packing my smartphone with me. I discovered apps to download and make money.
Saving money wasn't possible until I ventured online to find work to do online.
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