Jennifer Kettles

Jennifer Kettles
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Jennifer Kettles is an author and an internet marketer. She loves to help others.
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A music video is making waves through the internet as this week's top trending video: "Happy" by Pharrell Williams. This song was performed in the hit movie "Despicable Me 2."
Many people may be looking for other ways to supplement their incomes and earn extra money for living. There are ways to start and go through a transformation from employee to entrepreneurship. Although, there are many different ways of doing it, here are my top six ways to do it. Ma...
You sit on the edge of your seat wanting more content, sitting more poised as you were when you first sat down. During the event, you take in the scenery, the lavish style that the event coordinator has put into the arena, to make the feeling of the event seem like you have entered in...
In 2003, I worked at a special needs child care center. In this center, there were children who have special needs, as well as children who are normal. I have worked with children that were severely autistic, to children who were abused and had to be placed in that facility for protec...
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