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A spiritual seeker who wants to help others along the same path.
I will try to tackle issues and explore ideas that might help us all lead a happier life.
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Recent pages by love@work

A poem in two parts... In this first part I write about how seeking happiness in the future we loose our happiness today...
A poem on how man runs from one desire to next, and never finds what he is truly seeking, and on what is the secret of true happiness...
While others can give us only a little of the world, God can place the entire world at our feet. All we have to do is ask...
As I sat in the class of the highly accomplished professor, I realized that the true sign of a knowledgeable person is humility...
Enamoured by page views, badges, nutpoints, etc. I started writing anything just to have something published. But nothing of what I wrote interested me, and now after so many failed attempts, I sit back and think - Why do I write?
While everyone said I couldn't I said I could, and I not only said I also finally did it. And not only I could do it, anyone of us can do it...
A day when I was filled with sorrow, and my friend helped lift my spirits.
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