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I was born in 1954. After finishing high School I obtained a Bachelor’s degree with history and International Politics as majors.

After graduation I joined the Public Service and served for more than
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Sir Winston Churchill (30 November 1874 – 24 January 1965) was one of the most beloved British prime ministers.
It is a proven fact that the colour scheme and lighting of your home can have an impact on the way you act and feel.
Whenever you visit South Africa, whether it is for business or pleasure; make sure that one of its National Parks are on your itinerary.
Insomnia is everyone’s worse nightmare – that is if you can fall asleep indeed! But as they say; it is no use to have sleepless nights over insomnia!
Soya is one of the world’s oldest crops and is used by millions of people throughout the world in many variations.
Each and every business, whether big or small or even the smallest sole-owned business, must have a bookkeeping system in place. Nobody can avoid or escape this additional burden on them. But it is not a burden; it is a necessity!
People get headaches for many reasons but few know that food may also cause headaches.
The dog is man’s oldest friend as well as his best friend.
When they are used properly, cooking oils are not detrimental to good nutrition.
The story of Arthur Newton - a formidable athlete of the past.
Many people feel that they have neither the time nor the inclination to pursue a formal exercise program. Wrong! You have the time and opportunity - your daily activities and chores are there to be used for this purpose!
One of my passions is History. I enjoy nothing more than to read about all the famous people who made history throughout the centuries. Here are the famous last words of 10 famous people; randomly chosen.
Lavender scented water as it was called in the olden days brings back fond memories for me. In memory of my grandmother this is a recipe to make your own lavender oil.
With the recent emphatic win of England over Australia in the Ashes Series this article tries to shed some light on the history of the Ashes.
No need to be on edge with stress. Follow these easy steps to relax and forget about stress.
One time or the other in our lives, we enjoyed a hearty soup made only like Grandma could. For many of us soup was a staple food when we were little. No wonder that even the food critics hail soup as the most wholesome and digestible form of food. Therefore, soup is number one on the ...
This is a traditional "Southern Hemisphere" pudding we like to enjoy on Christmas Day.
With the 2010 Festive season creeping seriously nearer it became time once again for some reminiscence from my side of all the beautiful things from my childhood. As I went through our family scrap book I came upon a photo of a pomander ball of many years ago my Grandmother used to ma...
Recently I was following a recipe of a tasty dish with the main ingredient a tunnel boned leg of lamb. (Lamb and Vegetable Pot Roast – very tasty and nice!) The advice in the recipe was that the leg of lamb can be taken to any butcher who will gladly tunnel bone it for me. But then,...
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