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I live in Sydney, Australia.
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This is a review of the documentary/thriller 'The Cove'.
The Brand New and Growing Website "", which brings a new laugh everyday for me and I want to share it.
Ever had a dream to have your own website and see it build up to become big? Just need a site to create a blog because your overseas and want to your family to see what your doing? I'll give you 5 website builders so you can make this happen in 30 seconds!
Pretty much every second person has an iPhone these days, and if you aren't going to get an iPhone, the similar iTouch is a must have!
Found an interesting movie online a few years back, thought I would share it with everyone.
The Sleek and Compact Samsung F480 was released in mid 2009 and was one of the first fully touch screen phones to be released at the same time as the famous iPhone. This is a review of the positives and negatives of the Samsung F480.
A Review of the Macbook Pro 13-Inch which was released in 2008 and is one of the leading laptops in the market.
A review of the new 27 inch screen iMac computer.
I picked up these reasons off a friend on facebook and decided to share them with you.
This is a guide that will help you be better in Modern Warfare 2.
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