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Blogger, game developer, dad, family man... among many other things...
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Recent pages by AllSynergy

Small poem about hard times and trying. Believing things will go right with lots of trying.... and pondering what still went wrong with that approach.
Two short poems. One about the limited time we have and second is just about hope of finding creativity.
Allsynergy's poem about work, motivation and desire. I also explain very shortly why and when I wrote it.
AllSynergy's poem about new ideas, y-generation, hope, future...
A poem about demands of life. Mainly about trying to be what you want to be. Also about how trying to divide yourself too much (trying to do too many things) can bring problems.
Poem about long time fighting with relatives and how it isn't anymore important who was right and who was wrong.
Poem about starting an enterprise and what feelings and problems it may bring.
Poem about change and how that can be hard sometimes but we still have to stay true to ourselves.
A poem about family which doesn't behave like it should. When family should help it's members some families tear themselves apart.
My first poem here. It's about new born baby and responsibilities.
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